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By Curt Baggett,
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Curt Baggett gives forensic lectures in Dallas, TX

Curt Baggett has worked on over 2000 cases. Those cases include documents with handwriting problems such as forgery, anonymous letters, nasty comments on bathroom walls, altered legal papers, fake notary seals and signatures, and free innocent people. Baggett helped one client get off of death row.

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California Case settles Handwriting expert Curt Baggett's client wins based on the evidence.

Handwriting expert helps settle multi-million dollar lawsuit. Curt Baggett, Forensic Document Examiner , Forensic Document Examiner, took microscopic color pictures of a forged signature from an alleged prenuptial agreement. The pictures clearly broke the case during trial wherein the professed police trained QDE, hired by the forger, was testifying under oath that he was authenticating the wife's signature on the prenuptial agreement.

After Curt Baggett's opinion letter and pictures clearly and convincingly proved the prenuptial agreement was altered and forged, that the signatures were fake, the Defendant stood up in open court and declared that Baggett was correct the agreement was forged. The Defendant made a settlement offer and the trial was over.

Baggett checked off another victory for Truth and Justice.




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