North America has highly trained court qualified forgery experts working nationwide


US and Canadian courts are filled with forged wills, fake checks, and mocked up contracts cluttering the legal system. Until recently, it was "free reign" for criminals to forge documents to support their dubious claims in the thousands of uncontested trials statewide because of a serious shortage of court qualified certified document examiners.


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In many states, the attorney general just dismisses in mass forged check charges and other document related cases because the workload and the price is simply too high to prove forgery without a witness or a highly trained handwriting expert, until now.

Bart Baggett , California's top handwriting expert, explains,"Many clients are not attorneys. They are regular people honesty trying to figure out if a suicide note is authentic, a last will of a parent is real, or the identity of the writing on a card. Handwriting is the key to solving a lot of problems."


Handwriting Experts are needed daily in both civil and criminal proceedings. According to Bart Baggett, President of the School of Forensic Document Examination, "Over 90% of the handwriting cases we get never get to court. So, a powerful "letter of opinion" is in many cases, enough motivation to settle without the risky and costly trial."


Handwriting Services International is providing court qualified trained "experts" that can guide victims of forgery peaceful resolution, without breaking the bank.
If you have ever been a victim of forgery, you might not realize there are professionals that can spot a forgery, testify on your behalf in court, and help you prove you have been the victim of one of the most popular crimes of the 21st century: forgery.

What's more, until Handwriting Services International, combined the resources of 20 plus handwriting experts in the USA and Canada, it was difficult to find a certified professional with integrity, experience, and at a price you can afford.

Up until now you had to hire a retired government document examiner, who's technical training might have been over 25 outdated. Plus, many examiners with government background lack the business or legal knowledge needed in today's fast paced legal system - which requires fax opinions and court experience.


This small group of examiners has changed the way documents are analyzed and forgery cases are solved. If you need a handwriting expert, just choose someone on this list and you will have the best in the business on your team.


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View a video on how to hire a forensic document examiner whether you are an attorney or you are utilizing an attorny in your legal proceedings. This videos reveals all the right questions you should ask.



Bart Baggett is one of the USA's top media spokesperson for Handwriting Industry as seen on CNN & Court TV. Available in California and nationwide.



I don't have a forgery issue. I want to learn the science of profiling and understanding personality from handwriting.

(Get certified, home study courses, seminars, trainings.)

View a video on how to hire a forensic document examiner whether you are an attorney or you are utilizing an attorny in your legal proceedings. This videos reveals all the right questions you should ask.


Handwriting Experts, Expert Witnesses

Document Examiners reports and testimony for judges, attorneys, lawyers, law firms, insurance companies and government agencies in Federal and Provincial court trials and arbitrations.

Authorship Identification Experts

Handwriting, hand printing and signature authorship identification Experts.


Handwriting Experts Witnesses and Handwriting Experts, Forensic Document consultants in legal matters, and provide Handwriting Experts for attornies and individuals.

Qualified Handwriting Experts

Remember that a court qualified handwriting expert or document examiner is different than a graphologist or handwriting analyst. While a forgery expert can assist you in winning an important court case, attorneys and corporations realize the value of an independent document examiner providing a professional opinion on questioned documents and forgeries.