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Handwriting Expert Testimony Key to Los Angeles Probate Settlement. Forgery Trend Fuels need for more Court Qualified Forensic Document Examiners.

LOS ANGELES (PRWEB) June 19, 2009

— Bart Baggett’s expert testimony revealed a forged will in the Estate of Willie McGrue probate case in Los Angeles Superior Court. Baggett’s testimony was the last evidence needed to proof a contested will of the late Willie McGrue was nothing more than a poorly executed forgery that failed to slip under the radar of the smart and experienced Commissioner Reva Goetz, who handles probate cases daily. As long as these forgery trends continue, Forensic Document Examiners are becoming an asset to justice and a thorn in the side of criminals nationwide.

Bart Baggett leads the nation in training and mentoring new experts in this growing field. Pursuing a career in Forensic Document Examination becomes more viable … and rewarding. “The court actually gave me 2 hours and a desk to study the original will before my testimony. They obviously care about the truth.” said Baggett of the generosity and special effort made by the Probate Department of the Los Angeles Superior Court staff on June 18th, 2009. “This case is typical of the crimes me and my graduates see everyday in this line of work. In most cases which get to trial, at least one person is lying… the job of the forensic document examiner is to allow the evidence to point in the direction of the truth. We interpret the evidence and share it with the court. It is a great job when justice prevails.” said Bart Baggett, President and founder of [The International School of Forensic Document Examination]

Some of the past graduates of the School of Forensic Document Examiners are also among the leading Handwriting Experts working in the private sector today. Some of these educated, trained and experienced questioned document examiners can be located at


News: Forensic Forgery Expert L. James fixes inaccurate CV.

In 2005, Ms. James' resume (C.V.) and website stated she was an Instructor at the American Institute of Applied Science. The AIAS states they do not use instructors, they only offer correspondence courses for home study.

This error has been fixed and her CV now reflects her actual relationship with the AIAS, according to research.


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